Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

One Software

Complete Control over Your Automation System

Integrates Configuration, Programming, and Monitoring.

Graphics-oriented configuration allows quick set-up of the controller, field devices and networks while machine and motion programming based on IEC standard and PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control cuts programming time.

Smart Editor with On-line debugging helps quick and error free programming. Advanced simulation of sequence and motion control, and data trace reduce machine tuning and set-up.


32-Digit Password

Password can be set to protect each project, by copy inhibition function from hardware, to achieve a high level of security.

Information Processing

High Volume Data

Projects can generate a huge volume of data, such as recipe and traceability data, but thanks to the Sysmac Database Connectivity FB library, this data can be analyzed and acted on in real-time.


3D Simulator for Visualization

Integrated robotics Function Block library for Delta 2 and Delta 3 control. A 3D simulator is also integrated in the Sysmac
Studio, visualizing and reproducing the Delta robot trajectory.


IEC 61131-3

The Function Block Diagram editor includes 46 safety FB/FN. Conforms with IEC 61131-3 standard programming and PLCopen Function Blocks for Safety.


Simulate the complex behavior of the
combined sequence and motion control
on the desk.

Motion trajectories in 3D can be pre-tested with advanced simulation of sequence and motion control. Simulation of single Function Blocks, POU’s (Program Organization Unit) or the entire program can be performed. In addition all standard features such as Break & Step available.

Motion Control

Modification on the fly

The graphical CAM editor allows quick implementation of complex motion profiles. CAM tables can be modified on the fly. A PLCopen Function Blocks for the Motion Controll library are available to implement general purpose motion control.


Drag & Drop

Just drag & drop any processing items to build a program for image processing


Reduce Programming Time

Multi-tasking and fully compliant with IEC 61131-3 standard. The program editor includes smart support functions such as syntax error check and clear color segregation of variables and symbols. ST instructions can be directly written in Ladder programs thanks to in-line ST function.

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