Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Delta Robot Solution

The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform

Building high performance Pick & Place machines becomes an easy job thanks to the usability of the fully integrated Sysmac automation platform with integrated Vision and Robotics functionality. Dedicate less time to the programming and more time to focusing on the problems related to your production processes.



Control of up to 8 robots by one controller.

Time Efficiency

High throughput can be achieved by using the Delta robot, more than 200 cycle/min per robot

Total Integration

Robot control integrated in the NJ Robotics controller Control of up to 8 robots by one controller.

Delta Robot Integrated in the Sysmac platform

The combination of high performance servo motors with the kinematics of Delta robots, allows you to achieve the maximum Throughput in your Pick & Place applications.

The NJ Robotics controller is able to keep control of all motion devices in the machine, including single axis, simple groups of axes and robot control, by providing independent or synchronized movements.

The NJ Machine Controller

Enhanced With Robotics Functionality

Advanced robotics functionality integrated in the NJ machine controller fully operates up to 8 robots within 2 msec. This system responds to the most demanding Pick & Place applications even at variable conveyor speed conditions.

The latest control algorithms developed in the NJ reduce vibrations. These ensure the smoothest TCP trajectories when handling the required products at higher through-put.

Smoothness Transition Nodes

Smoother transition modes achieved by merging the robotics commands to ensure a non-stop Pick & Place application

Conveyor Tracking Function With Position Offset Option

  • Possibility of overriding the robot’s trajectory while already synchronized with the conveyor.
  • This function allows pre-defined patterns (as shown by the figure on the right) to be reproduced on the robot’s trajectory and applied to the desired product
  • Combined with the Omron’s new FH vision system, patterns captured with a camera can immediately be generated on the robot’s trajectory giving the user complete flexibility on the manufacturing process

Multiple TCP’s Management

  • Possibility to manage up to 16 different tools per robot

  • Rotation around the TCP – Tool Center Point – varies from a range of diverse easily programmable options adjusting to the application… i.e. shortest path, fixed directions, etc.

Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation

Reducing commissioning time has never been easier

With the 3D simulator integrated in the Sysmac Studio, visualizing and reproducing the Delta robot trajectory is possible through the offline programming tool.

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