Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

FH Vision Camera

Industry’s fastest compact vision camera

A new concept in image processing that considers Machine cycle time, the FH-series Vision System is loaded with all of the performance required to move Machines quickly and at high precision into a compact Controller for embedding into Machine. And even though the Camera/communications interfaces, image processing algorithms, and other features of this complete image processing system are built into one housing, the flexibility of a PC-based image processing system is also provided to help increase efficiency in the frequent reuse of Machine designs and in design changes.

Flexible Machine Vision

Flexible solution for machine vision

• Over 100 processing items including 1D code, 2D code and OCR

• Inspection of scratches and defects

Dimension Check
Character & Code Reading

Reduce Cost And Process Time In Multiple Inspections

Process Multiple Lines in Parallel without Any Waiting Time
8 controllers are compressed into one without increasing the line cycle time. You can greatly reduce costs for processes that involve many lines
Powerful 4 core i7 parallel processor
Up to 8 camera by one controller

Reliability Is Achieved With FH Vision System

Advanced shape search technology

• Differences of the workpiece
• Dust and dirt conditions
• Detection of overlapping objects
• Changing ambient environment

Scalability And Time Efficiency

Wide camera range

Allows for different future requirement on the
inspection and traceability with FH vision system
• Up to 12 Mpixel
• High speed CMOS camera
• Use different fields of vision and at any angle

Easy on-site calibration

With the FH Series, you can easily calibrate the entire system using a step-by-step wizard.

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