Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Achieve Time Optimization And

Reduction For Your Project

Programming and managing an entire chain of robots have never been easier

Using clever software tools and Wizards, we allow the user to break away from the old and rigid top-down programming manner of old. Through visualisation and simulation of your packaging line before building or modifying the entire robotic line, you get to achieve cost savings, and a reduction in time for project completion

Utilize Our Automation Centers Globally To Conduct Your Proof Of Concept

Let us simulate the application for you and send you a test report.

As your project matures make use of our Automation centers to test and catchup with technology trends in motion, robotics, networking, safety, quality control etc. Make use of our Tsunagi (connectivity) laboratory to interface, test and validate your complete system with our new machine network (EtherCAT) and factory network (EtherNet/IP). Discover how our global support network works today

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