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Increased Demand For Varied Packaging

Adapting packaging lines to meet varying consumer demands has become necessary for manufacturers to stay competitive. The packaging line needs to handle variety packs, in order to create greater product diversity and seize market opportunities.

Operational Challenges & How to Address Them

Product Sorting & Placement In Tray

To meet the demands of varied packaging without compromising on throughput, the packaging line needs to be capable of sorting and placing the products by color, shape, sizes and position with 100% accuracy and consistency. OMRON Robotic Automation Solution is designed to address the following needs:

Varying Product Colors

Existing manufacturers using grey scale vision of camera may experience inaccurate sorting of products by color. When this occurs, manual inspection for re-sorting is required. This leads to low productivity and decreases overall throughput.

Featuring OMRON unique Real Color Sensing technology, OMRON FH Vision series is capable of sorting products by color at high speed and precision.

Varying Product Shapes and Sizes

For variety packaging (e.g. a box of cookies), the product (e.g. cookie) can come in varying shapes and sizes to be nicely packed. If this is done wrongly, it will result in manual intervention that affects productivity and throughput.

Equipped with FH Vision Series’ Shape Search III Technology, OMRON Robotic Automation Solution is capable of ensuring quick sortation of products with varying shapes and sizes to facilitate downstream operations.

Product Wastage

When human error occurs in sortation and placement due to manual handling, it can lead to product wastage e.g. food that has been contaminated cannot be re-used.

Due to high precision and reliability, OMRON Robotics Automation Solution greatly reduces unnecessary product recalls and wastage. Manufacturers can achieve higher productivity and throughput to meet the demands for varied packaging.

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No Duplication In
Detecting Workpieces

With FH Vision series, workpieces (e.g. cookie) that overlap within more than one field of view are segregated and only inserted in the picking line once. Manufactures can eliminate the need to create the program for the machine controller to identify the same workpiece.

Position and orientation of workpieces 1 to 5 are detected and added to the picking line

Positions and orientation of workpieces 4 to 8 are detected. Data of workpiece 4 and 5 are ignored, as they were captured during the 1st shot

Industry’s First Complete & Fully
Integrated Robotics Automation Solution

If you’re involved in manufacturing or packaging, you know that implementing and maintaining a robotic automated solution is no small task. The complexity starts with using technologies from different vendors - You need a trusted system integration partner to integrate them into a single cohesive solution. This can get complicated, time-consuming and expensive during product changeover or when something goes wrong.

OMRON offers the industry’s first complete and fully integrated robotic automation solution. With OMRON single source solution, all components are designed to work together to maximise line efficiency in sortation and placement. Implementation and changeovers are faster, easier, and hassle-free than before.

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