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Industrial Automation

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Comprehensive solutions for food & commodity industry. Fast, flexible, and tailored to your business.

OMRON is a trusted global packaging partner. Packaging companies face the challenge of producing consistently high levels of product quality, maximum throughput and line availability, and optimal mechanical efficiency with the flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing customer demands. We know what we are doing. To overcome these current and future challenges, let OMRON provide you with a fully integrated solution tailored specifically for your packaging industry. Talk to us today!

All-encompassing automation expertise

OMRON’s top-of-the-line robotic automation solutions enhance even the most demanding manufacturing lines by providing five key benefits.

The synchronization of our machine control with vision-guided robotics helps maximize throughput.​

Our multiple automated warehouses ensure a short turnaround time for deliveries.

Our integrated software environment reduces startup and maintenance time thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly design.

All production data coming from Omron’s robots, controllers and sensors is collected, shared and managed to optimize productivity.

Omron’s software assisted system automatically generates new programming code base on the application at hand.​

SCI TM Collaborative Success Story

Manufacturer of plastic containers achieves major boost in flexibility and customer satisfaction with OMRON TM collaborative robot. See for yourself how OMRON’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while making production tasks more manageable for SCI’s team.

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Smart Packaging Solution