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Strategies for successfully implementing flexible lines in Automotive Manufacturing. Fortunately, manufacturing systems Robotic Technologies are evolving in ways that can help minimize the time and effort required for vehicle changeover while helping manufacturers stay on top of changing consumer demand. Here are a few strategies for implementing the ideal flexible manufacturing system.

  1. Use collaborative robots with vision guidance to automate a variety of repetitive tasks.
  2. Make good use of floor and aisle space with autonomous intelligent vehicles (AMR).
  3. Implement a Fixed robot with ILOR+S system to deal with the complexity of today’s vehicles.


Autonomous Mobile Robots, or AMRs, can be a game-changing technology for the Automotive industry. They are able to self-navigate through dynamic environment, caters to different payloads and most importantly, works safely alongside humans.

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Leveraging flexible manufacturing to manage complexity in the automotive industry

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