Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

How Safe Is Your Workplace?

When machines are not guarded to relevant standards and regulations, it can cause serious implications on safety, liability and productivity.

OMRON offers customized machine safeguarding solution to enhance your plant’s safety and compliance.


Introducing OMRON Machine Safeguarding Solutions

Omron’s Safety Check is the first step in making all of your sites safe and compliant. It helps focus investment as part of an overall machine asset management strategy. Whether you need help with a single machine or an entire enterprise, we can create a cost-effective safety plan within your schedule and budget.

Boost Technical Skills

We train your team on machine safety to ensure sustainability.

Risk Assessment

We assess your machines for hazards, risk level and compliance.

Customized Safety Plan

We design, prioritize and install solutions to ensure safety compliance.


6 Simple Steps To A Complete Machine Safeguarding

Let our global safety experts work with you to ensure your people are safe and your machinery are compliant.

Step 1

Skill Builder Workshop

We conduct 2 days training workshop cum practical assessment at your manufacturing plant to educate your personnel on the requirements and methods of machine safeguarding. Attendees will be empowered with knowledge to identify, assess, reduce and avoid potential hazards throughout your facility. This serves to create a sustainable and safe work environment, boosting productivity while minimising work-related injuries / costs.

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Step 2

Risk Assessment

Our machine safety specialists will assess your machinery with all relevant local and international machine safety standards. We identify any potential hazards and evaluate its risk levels using the following criterias:

  • Degree of Possible Harm (DPH)
  • Probability of Occurrence (PO)
  • Possibility of Avoidance (PA)
  • Frequency and/or Duration of Exposure (FE)


From this evaluation, each machine will receive a Hazard Rating Number and remediation priorities will be set.

Step 3

Engineering Review

After the risk assessment, a documented machine safeguarding assessment will be provided. It outlines a clear plan that establish priorities and safeguarding recommendations to reduce identified risks, and bringing non-compliant machines into compliance. This assists in targeting funds for report high priority machines.

Based on customer’s feedback of the solution(s) in the Machine Safeguarding Assessment Report, our Safety Specialist will conduct a review in depth with your cross-functional team on site (Operator, Maintenance, Production, EHS, Engineering, and Plant Head), amend and update the Report to balance productivity and safety compliance.

Step 4

Safety Engineering

Our Safety Specialist(s) will engineer a customized safety solution for you:

  • Choosing of Safety components to achieve required safety Category
  • Choosing of safety rated pneumatic, hydraulic, etc to achieve compliance
  • Design of safety interface control panel

Step 5

Integration and installation

On site, our Integration team will:

  • Install mechanical guarding and electrical safety components
  • Integrate safety interface control system with existing machine control
  • Conduct commissioning as per job scope and the training to operator

Step 6


When safeguard installation work is completed, we perform a documented validation of all the guards, systems and devices installed. This is an in-depth check of proper position, location, function and use of each guard and device as per applicable standards.

We provide a copy of the machine’s validation documentation and sign-off forms after the validation process is completed. You may use our validation services to revalidate your machinery through its lifecycle, especially when machines are modified or repaired.

Machine Safeguarding Assessment Brochure

Safety Strategy Brochure

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