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Industrial Automation

Assessing Safety Of Your Machinery

Using fixed and movable barrier guards is a common way to safeguard personnel from the point-of-operation or other identified hazards. OMRON Gotcha Stick is a valuable tool to use during design, installation, and inspection of barrier guards.

Introducing OMRON Universal

Gotcha Stick

When designing or installing a barrier guard, the Safe Distance Scale marked on OMRON Universal Gotcha Stick allows one to accurately test the allowable barrier opening size, based on the distance from the hazard zone as required by global standards.
How To Use It
When a guard is in place, it must be designed, constructed, and maintained so that no personnel can Around, Under, Over, Through the guard. OMRON Universal Gotcha Stick makes it easy to inspect and verify that openings in barrier guards will not allow the hazard zone to be accessed by any individual.

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Universal Safety Compliance
With OSHA, ANSI, CSA and ISO standards
OMRON four-segment Gotcha Stick features inch measurements on one side, and metric measurements on the other. Three of the segments, coloured in yellow, are used to determine the safe distance for guards with openings up to 49 mm (1.875 inches). It offers North American compliance with ANSI and CSA standards. Whereas, the fourth segment coloured in orange, can be used to determine the safe distance for guards with openings up to 20 mm. It offers compliance with measurements based on international standard ISO 13857. In addition, it offers compliance with other U.S. standards which reference the international measurements, such as ANSI B65-1 and ANSI/SPI B151. Determination of which side of the tool to use is dependent on the applicable standards for the application, including the type of equipment and the region of usage.
Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Brochure

How Safe Is Safe? Make Inspection Easy
With OMRON Universal Gotcha Stick