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Traceability in Digital Industry

Electronics and Semiconductor


Electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries benefit tremendously with a refined traceability system to measure the effectiveness of processes and machinery along the production line. By moving beyond a homegrown manufacturing execution system (MES), this comprehensive, real-time traceability system will enable manufacturers to improve productivity and reduce wastage by early detection and error proofing. This helps produce better quality products for more competitive profits.


Streamlined Production for competitive/boost profit margins

The electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries currently face numerous challenges to control costs while catering to the growing demand for new technologies – particularly consumer electronics devices.

In comparison to a typical manufacturing environment where materials make up approximating 50% of the total product cost, in the electronic industry, this percentage is closer to 80%.

Materials play an important role in the product process. Manufacturers will benefit from quicker access to more comprehensive data so they can track and analyse productivity and quality. Traceability systems provide an effective solution, putting process changes in context while detecting inefficiencies and singling out waste.

Research estimates in 2011, returned merchandise costs consumer electronics manufacturers, communication carriers and retailers $16.7 billion 1 . It also reflected that 5 – 6 percent of the returned merchandise were defective products 1 . With a traceability system in place, even small, incremental improvements in warranty processing will have a significant impact on overall profitability.

1 David Douthit, Michael Flach and Vivek Agarwal, (2011), A “Returning Problem” Reducing the Quality and Cost of Product Returns in Consumer Electronics, Accenture.

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