Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

OMRON TM Collaborative Robot Features


Easy Change End-Effector

Designed to share the same workspace with humans and other machines, the OMRON TM Collaborative Robots end-effectors can be easily switched for any tasks. This provides the flexibilityto switch to different production requirements with minimal downtime.

Intuitive Plug and Play Software

Our ‘Plug & Play’ software enables the robot to work right out of the box. It features an easy and quick programming which ensures that production can be up and running in the fastest time possible.

Reference Point for Easy Set-up

Designed to recognise a reference point, the robot can be moved and may perform its tasks with no additional setup. TM vision and landmarks allow truly flexible and fast changeover

Safety Software Interface

Our software interface facilitates risk assessment. It is designed to promote a safer workplace with harmony between humans and machines.

Safety Compliance

To ensure the utmost level of safety, the OMRON TM Collaborative Robot complies with strict safety standards. [ISO 10218-1, ISO/TS 15066]

5M Pixel Camera with Image Enhancing Light

OMRON TM COllaborative Robot features a built-in intelligent vision system featuring a 5MP camera with exceptional field of vision. It also comes with an image enhancing light which guarantees outstanding object recognition.

This enable tasks such as sorting, inspection and measurements to be performed with great precision and reliability


With a payload of up to 14kg, this means that the OMRON TM Collaborative Robot may assume the heavy aspects of handling such as loading and unloading work pieces, alongside humans carrying out problem-solving tasks.

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Integration with OMRON Mobile Robots provides
maximum versatility in your workplace


The OMRON TM Collaborative Robot is a highly versatile robot system that can be utilised for a diverse range of applications
and tasks across various industries. For instances, it can be integrated with CNC Machining, or applied in the digital industry.

Learn how to create a harmonious working environment
with humans and machines.