Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

OMRON TM Collaborative Robot Operator Platform

Expand flexibility and build complex applications with OMRON’s TM Collaborative Robot Operator Platform.

Address complex applications with an easy-to-use software suite.

The Operator Platform checks off all the boxes with its smart drag and drop UI builder, integrated wizards, virtual workspaces and more. The Operator Platform is designed for those with limited know-how to address complex applications.

The most innovative software yet.

The Operator Platform allows for quick changeover and productivity. Its comprehensive application software not only allows flexibility, but it’s completely customizable. This complete solution software allows you to build your own customized UI based on your company’s needs.

Do more with less.

OMRON is guaranteed to be your one stop partner in automation and robotics technology. Whether you’re looking to improve your process, boost productivity, or expand your program capability, OMRON’s TM Operator Platform enables you to do more with less equipment for a wide range of cobot applications.

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