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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


NJ-series NJ501 SECS/GEM CPU Unit


The NJ501 SECS/GEM CPU Unit is a NJ-series machine automation controller, and has built-in the SECS/GEM communications functions which are the standards in the semiconductor industry. It is the high-performance controller that fuses machine control and host communications.


The SECS/GEM CPU Unit integrates machine control and host communications,reducing time, cost, and complexity to establish SECS/GEM communications.

Simple connection

No separate computer, special communications Unit or software required

Save space in equipment

Direct connection of CPU Unit to host

No annual support contract

Reducing the running costs

NJ501-1340 Features 5

Easy Design

User-friendly SECS/GEM Configurator facilitates project design.

Programming with variables

No need to specify memory addresses

One CPU Unit

No communications between separate computer and machine controller required

Quick SECS/GEM setting

Easy setting with SECS/GEM Configurator

NJ501-1340 Features 10