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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

FQM1 Series

Flexible Motion Controllers

FQM1 Series

Advanced Power in Three Applications: Motion Control, Measurement Control, and High-speed Response Control

Advanced Power in Three Applications: Motion Control, Measurement Control, and High-speed Response Control

FQM1 Series Features 1

Compatible with NEW Servo and CJ-series Analog Units (Unit version Ver.3.3 or higher)

The FQM1 has become compatible with NEW AC Servo Motors/Drivers OMNUC G-series and SMARTSTEP 2-series, in addition to the conventional OMNUC W-series. Also, new analog units are included in CJ-series Units to be used for FQM1 expansion.

Compatible with NEW AC Servo Motors/Drivers OMNUC G-series (OMNUC G-series R88D-GT/R88M-G)

FQM1 Series Features 3

The FQM1 corresponds with the absolute value encoder interface of the special and high performance OMNUC G-series.

Compatible with Various CJ-series Analog Units

FQM1 Series Features 4

In addition to conventional high-speed type Analog Input Units (CJ1W-ADG41), Analog Input Units (8/4 points), Analog output Units (8/4/2 points), and Analog I/O Units (AD 4/DA 2 points) can be used.

For the Non-stop Control

Ideal for Applications Performing Processing
without Stopping Machinery Operation

To improve machinery performance, it important to increase productivity by eliminating waste.
Here, the FQM1 really performs to enable processing must be achieved without stopping machinery operation.

FQM1 Series Features 5

Connecting the FQM1 with SYSMAC SPU Units enables simplification of the changes in various control and/or operation conditions as well as high speed collection of large capacity data.

Using SYSMAC SPU Units makes time reduction for tooling change for each operation possible. Replacing memory cards also allows for easy change of operations and/or conditions. During an inspection process, not only conditional changes but also inspection results can be saved securely.

FQM1 Series Features 6

  • Up to 65 (including the one basic collection pattern and data collection patterns from 1 to 64) data patterns can be collected in the data collection mode.
    Various data collection is possible if combining events.
  • The setting information of SYSMAC SPU Units can be exported as an Excel file. The file can be used as a sheet to define and manage information on a device.

● The recipe function is used to write numeric values including operation parameters and/or character string data at one
    time to the CM (Controller Module) memory area. The recipe write function makes tooling change of the device easy.
    (Note: The recipe function can be used only in the "data collection mode".)
    * Create numeric values and character string data to be written to the CM memory area in recipe data (CSV file) and
         stored beforehand in a SYSMAC SPU Unit memory card.
● No ladder program is required to develop recipe data.
● The recipe function can save the CM memory because recipe data is saved in the memory card of a SYSMAC SPU Unit,
   which eliminates the need to save it in the CM data memory.
● Recipe data can be written upon request from the CM or via external devices including a PC.
● Numeric values and character string data can be changed even when a SYSMAC SPU Unit is in operation.

A Variety of Applications Accomplished with Motion, Measurement, and High-speed Response

High-level Wide-ranging Motion Achieved from F (Flexibility) and Q (Quickness).

From High-speed PTP Control to Synchronous, Torque, and Tension Control

Pulse/analog I/O feedback gives the FQM1 power in high-speed I/O applications.

FQM1 Series Features 10

Wide-ranging FQM1 Applications

In addition to motion control, the FQM1 handles the following control areas through its ability to perform high-speed I/O processing through feedback from analog or pulse input data.
Actual applications have already been implemented.

FQM1 Series Features 11