Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

S8VK-S Power Supplies

World’s Smallest Class of Power Supplies

Introducing the new S8VK-S Power Supplies, for more compact control panels.

Part of the S8VK series, the new global S8VK-S Power supplies provide greater value with more space savings, greater flexibility and more resistance to extreme environments.

Greater Cost Savings In Logistics And Space Usage

Reduction In Total Panel Size

Constant innovation of our power supplies has led to an overall reduction of 36% in size of the new S8VK-S power supply. As such, great savings in terms of logistics and space usage are unlocked for users. In addition, users now have more space for other components and devices in their machines.
Technology for Greater Efficiency and Less Loss
Technology developed for the S8VK-G has been advanced even further to reduce switching loss and to reduce the loss from heat-generating components, such as transformers and diodes. This has enabled downsizing and high-density mounting of mounted components.

Reduces Dead Space And Design Time

Through Side-By-Side Mounting

With OMRON Thermal Control Technology, we achieved an engineering breakthrough in redesigning our power supply. Multiple power supplies with side-by-side mounting is now made possible, largely reducing the amount of dead space in control panels.

Users thus get to save 30% of space for future expansion of components, as well as time on calculating thermal distribution from the power supply.

Sophisticated Thermal Control Technology
Through OMRON’s unique thermal modeling, fast and accurate thermal simulation methods are established. This allow us to build an optimum component layout with precise control in heat flow. By optimizing the shape and size of the heat sink, both downsizing and side-by-side mounting of the Power Supplies was achieved.\

Stable Operations In A Wide
Range Of Environments

Stable Operations In A Wide Range Of Environments

The S8VK-S power supply is built in mind for application in many locations with different and extreme environment factors. This brings stable functionablity in extreme environments, preventing any technical delay in production line uptime, and ensuring quality delivery of equipment to end users.

Performance At High Altitudes Up To 3,000m

With A Wide Temperature Range

The S8VK-S power supply has a wide ambient operating temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, applicable for usage in tough environments from extreme cold to extreme hot.

In addition, reinforced insulation allows it to perform in environments with low atmospheric pressure – Altitudes up to 3,000m

Video: How OMRON Coated PCBs help provides resistance against extreme environments
Without Coat
With Coat

High Resistance To Extreme Environments

With OMRON Coated PCBs

Coated PCB (OMRON Technology) provides resistance and empower performance in a wide range of extreme envirionments:
Salt Damage
Salt Damage
The coating of the power supplies is done with high evenness and coverage that prevents the occurance of short-circuits.

Stable Operations

Resistance Against Poor
Power Quality

S8VK-S is able to provide stable operation even on sites with poor power quality condition. Abnormal input voltages up to 300VC*
*for 1s

Strong Resistance Against High Vibration

High Level Of Robustness

The S8VK-S power supply is designed to handle severe vibration conditions up to 5G. Its high level of robustness eliminates precious time spent for re-torque.

Global Safety Standards
And Marine Approval

With a wide range of certified safety standards to meet global requirements, the S8VK-S power supplies provides reliable application in many countries around the world.
UL Listed • CSA • EN/IEC • Lloyd’s Register • ANSl/ISA 12.12.01 • Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 2 • TUV • Semi F47-0706

Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks For Easy Wiring

Just Insert Wires. No Tools Required.

1 Easy To Insert

OMRON’s Push-In Plus terminal blocks are as easy as inserting to an earphone jack. They help reduce the work load and improve wiring quality

2 Held Firmly In Place

Even though less insertion force is required, the wires are held firmly in place. The advanced mechanism design technology and manufacturing technology produced a spring that ensures better workability and reliability.

Technical Specifications


Compact, Push-In Plus Type
  • A Perfect Fit For Small Control Panels
  • Coated PCBs for Better Resistance to Environment
  • Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks for Easy Wiring
Power rating/output voltage

S8VK Series Lineup


Single-phase input
  • Reliable and Easy Operation-Worldwide Power Supply
  • Resistant in tough environments
  • Easy and fast installation
  • The most compact class on the market
Power rating/output voltage


400-VAC input
Three-phase. 400-VAC input
  • Worldwide 3-phase Power Supply
  • Resistant in tough environments
  • Easy and fast installation
  • The most compact class on the market
Power rating/output voltage


Cost-effective single phase
  • Cost-effective Single Phase Power Supply
  • Universal input and Safety standards for worldwide applications
  • Space-saving Compact Design
Power rating/output voltage


Redundancy Units
  • Contribute to build high reliable systems
  • Compact and Cost-effective solution for Back-up applications
  • Easy setup for system reliability requirement

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