Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Design Efficiency

Having an efficient packaging line starts with designing it right. This requires expert knowledge and innovative tools to achieve optimal usage of available floor space and optimised operation at its highest efficiency.

Achieve Design Efficiency With A Single Automation Software

SYSMAC Studio + SYSMAC Library

Having a lack of technical expertise makes it challenging for OEMs to design motion control from scratch in an efficient manner. What’s more, testing programs can be time-consuming.

With OMRON robust SYSMAC platform, it shortens the time required for development, programming and debugging time.

Manufacturers can now achieve quick and reliable machine design with our easy-to-use software in a single environment.

Quick Configuration And Programming With SYSMAC Studio

Created to give machine developers complete control from a single environment, SYSMAC Studio integrates configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. This advanced software tool is the sole software required to automate and control servo systems, motion, and controllers.

Fully compliant with the open standard IEC 61131-3, SYSMAC Studio is a state-of-the-art programming system that promotes faster development, easy to operate and debug, as well as reducing errors.

Key features include:

Servo sizing
  • Electronic cam import
  • Quick motor sizing

System configuration

  • Having graphics-oriented configuration for key parameters allow quick setup and usage of the controller
Gain tuning & test run
  • Best effort feature for quick stabilization time
  • Easy tuning with intelligent gain search

SYSMAC Library

Integrated with SYSMAC Studio, SYSMAC Library is a new addition created to optimise the efficiency of machine design by simplifying programming and reducing programming time. It is a collection of software functional components used in programs for controllers:

With SYSMAC Library, OEMs can design and modify horizontal flow packers with Function Blocks easily and quickly. OEMs also have the flexibility to tailor to machine users requirements for any additional functions or specification changes. Key dedicated components include:


Stabilises the cutting position of packaging material, ensuring material is cut off accurately at the right position.

Velocity Control Winder Function Block

Stabilises the tension of packaging material, ensure there is appropriate tension control for cutting.

Packaging Machine Language (PackML)

Create and debug European and US-level programs easily with PackML-compliant Function Blocks and debugging manual.

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