Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industry Applications

Driving Thousands Of Possibilities

With more than 80 years of innovation across a large variety of solutions and products in the manufacturing and logistics industry, OMRON is a leader in providing world-class reliable automation solutions to empower organizations.

Today, we have the largest installed base of Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles in manufacturing, and our mobile robots can be scaled and deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries.


Tire Assembly

Transport green tire from intermediate storage to curing press stations.

Automotive Electronics

Transport sub-assemblies from kitting to line side replenishment.

Automotive Accessories

Transport totes to and from injection molding stations.


Semiconductor Wafer Fab
Intra-bay WIP (SMIF Pods/FOUP) transport between stockers and process tools, or transport reticles for photolithography process.
Semiconductor Packaging And Test
Transport IC chip trays via cart.
Mobile Device Manufacturing
Transport totes of PCBs in handset assembly.
Data Center
Environment (temperature, humidity, etc) surveillance and troubleshooting.


E-commerce order fulfilment.
Shipment Distribution Center
Transport totes from shelves to loading docks.

Consumer Products

Jewelry Manufacturing
E-commerce order fulfilment.
Designer Accessories
Transport totes from shelves to loading docks.

Food, Beverage and Hospitality

Catering Facility
Transport baked food totes to stockroom.
Linen and room service delivery.


Transport surgical instruments to sterilization room.
Blood Lab
Secure sample transportation.

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