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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Parallel Robots EtherCAT (NJ501-R) version


Parallel robot ideal for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries

ACE software is available to download from the Omron US website.

• EtherCAT connectivity to the Omron NJ501-R controller and programming through the familiar IEC 61131-3 programming language or scripting (eV+).

• Tracks up to a conveyor speed of 1.4 m/s

• Designed with a high payload to support multi-hand (multi-picking)

• Supports fast Pick & Place on a fast conveyor

• Helps reduce mounting cost and robot vibration

• Maximum working diameter 1,130 mm

• Working height 425 mm

• Maximum payload 8 kg

• Weight 52 kg

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