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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Thermo-Humidity Station


Precision measurement of temperature and humidity around production lines and equipment.

Temperature and humidity are essential data for quality control on the manufacturing floor.
Constantly visualize the changes in temperature and humidity at multiple points.

ZN-THX21-S Features 1

Unparalleled measurement accuracy

ZN-THX21-S Features 2

Precision measurement ensures a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and humidity accuracy of plus/minus 2.5%. This enables more precise control of temperature and humidity, which contributes to improvement in product quality.

Built-in hybrid logging engine

ZN-THX21-S Features 3

Data can be logged to the unit (SD Card) while communicating with PC (or PLC) via LAN. Even in the event of network error, the unit will continue to record data. Production technology divisions can centrally control management via network while manufacturing floors can localize control using SD cards.

Alarm output for immediate response when trouble occurs

ZN-THX21-S Features 4

The station has an alarm output. Unusual temperature and humidity are made visible, enabling you to make a quick response and to make it easy to systemize manufacturing lines.

With back-up using commercially available AAA batteries, operation continues even during sudden power outage

ZN-THX21-S Features 5

With built-in battery backup, LAN communication and logging operation won’t stop even in the event of power outage or sudden disconnection.
* In network mode, operation continues for approximately two hours on batteries alone. However, battery life will vary depending on the measurement environment, battery type, or battery performance.

Bundled with simple, user-friendly PC software

Simple, user-friendly PC software* is available as a standard feature (Multi Data Viewer Light: Setup tool, logging tool, and SD Viewer ES).
Unit setup and data logging are possible via LAN network.
Also, logged data can easily be displayed in the waveform graph.

* Download the PC Software Multi Data Viewer Light from the following OMRON website ( .

ZN-THX21-S Features 7

To view waveform graphs in real time, and display measured values on a floor plan of the site, it is necessary to install Wave Inspire ES environmental visualization software.

Calibration service also available

ZN-THX21-S Features 8

A Certificate of Calibration can be issued upon request. (It is necessary to ship the product back to OMRON.)
To obtain a Certificate of Calibration at time of purchase, please select a type that includes a Certificate of Calibration.
As the sensor head and station are digitally connected, this calibration service is available only for the sensor head.
∗ The calibration service does not include repairs or adjustments.