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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Precision Thermo-Humidity Logger


Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD Card

Meeting the need for "easier management of temperature and humidity data"

Omron Precision Thermo-Humidity Loggers use sensors with the highest precision in their class and the first SD Card data collection system.
This enables precise control of temperature and humidity at multiple points along the manufacturing line and more efficient data collection.
The logger has alarm output providing immediate alerts when trouble occurs, helping meet strict quality control standards.

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 1

SD Card system makes data collection more efficient

  • Data can be collected only when needed by simply inserting an SD Card
  • Thermo-Humidity Logger memory can store up to approx. 8,500 pieces of data
  • Measured data is transferred to CSV format and stored in an SD Card
  • Data continues to be recorded in built-in memory even while data is being collected onto SD Card
  • Store data up to maximum memory capacity by keeping SD Card continually inserted
    (approx. 17 million pieces of data per 1GB. Store up to five years of data when measurements are made every 10 seconds)

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 3

Compact body with useful features!

∗ Photo shows actual size

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 5
ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 6

Remarkably high measurement accuracy

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 7

Precision measurement ensures a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and humidity accuracy of plus/minus 2.5%.
This enables more precise control of temperature and humidity, which contributes to improvement in product quality.

Alarm output for immediate response when trouble occurs

Example: When temperature exceeds threshold value, an error indicator lights up

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 9

The logger has an alarm output. Unusual temperature and humidity are made visible, enabling you to make a quick response and to make it easy to systemize manufacturing lines.

Easy-to-use data visualization software available

ZN-THS-S / THX11-S Features 10

Insert the SD card containing collected data into a PC, and simply designate the drive in order to manage and graph the recorded data. Measurement data is stored in CSV format, allowing for easy temperature and humidity data management.

Note: Download the PC Software Multi Data Viewer Light from the following OMRON website (