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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


CJ-series Position Control Units (High-Speed type)


Motion Control Capabilities with Unit Synchronization and Even Higher Speed

Improve Productivity with High-speed Control

• A faster pulse output startup time has been achieved. Pulse output will start as fast as 0.1 ms from when the CPU Unit sends the command. (Previous models started pulse output in 2 ms.)

• Pulse output is possible at up to 4 Mpps for compatibility with linear motors and direct drive motors. This achieves both high resolution and high speed.

Increased Added Value with More Advanced Features

• Operation between the CPU Unit and the Position Control Unit can be synchronized using a high-speed bus. Synchronized control is possible between up to five Units, or 20 axes. A wide range of applications can be achieved by also using the electronic cam function.

• Built-in high-speed counters enable monitoring the present values of the motors while controlling positions, all with just a Position Control Unit. The absolute encoders of G5-series Servomotors are supported, enabling an absolute positioning system.* This eliminates the need to redefine the origin after power interruptions, helping to provide extra added value.

• Select from direct operation or memory operation. Up to 500 positioning sequences can be saved as the data for memory operation for each axis. Any of three end patterns, independent, automatic, or consecutive, can be set for each sequence, and repeat instructions and jump instructions can be used to achieve complex motion control.

• Linear interpolation, circular interpolation, index table control, feeder control, and an MPG function can be used to achieve the functionality of a Motion Control Unit with these Position Control Units.

• A wide range of functions enables easily achieving position control, including teaching, overrides, backlash compensation, zone settings, and S-curve acceleration/deceleration.

Reduce TCO

• All Support Software functions have been integrated into the CX-Programmer. In combination with data tracing and other CX-Programmer functions, work efficiency is improved from design and debugging to system implementation and maintenance.

• The Position Control Units with line-driver outputs generate the 5-VDC power for the line driver internally. Control is possible by providing only a 24-VDC power supply, in the same way as for Units with open-collector outputs.

• A function block library is being prepared that provides function blocks for all Position Control Unit functions. This will reduce ladder programming work. Even sync applications that use an electronic cam will be easy to construct with the function block library.

* You cannot use an absolute encoder if you use a reduction gear.