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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Discontinued On Mar. 2020


Mechatronic Analog Timer


Large Setting Dial and Moving Pointers Ideal for Easy Operation and Monitoring

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• Incorporating an easy-to-see large setting dial with moving pointers. 

• Wide time-setting range of 0.2 s to 60 h (available through three time-range model types) 

• Wide AC power supply range (100 to 240 VAC) 

• IP65 watertight and dust-tight front panel. 

• Approved by UL and CSA. 

• Conforms to EN61812-1 and IEC60664-1 4 kV for Low Voltage, and EMC Directives. 

• Conforms to EMC standards. 

• Six-language instruction manual provided. 

• Programmable contact enables the building of a self-holding relay circuit as well as built-in instantaneous contact. (-NS) 

• Memory retention (-NSR) 

• Finger protection terminal block 

• Enables easy sequence checks through instantaneous outputs for a zero set value at any time range.