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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Condition Monitoring Device

By constantly monitoring the state of the motor, inform the maintenance period.

Condition Monitoring Device List

There are 5 products of Condition Monitoring Device.

K7DD Advanced Motor Condition Monitoring Device K7DD

Implementing predictive maintenance with real-time condition monitoring of variable speed motors

K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device K6CM

Quantifying the status of a three-phase induction motor.

K7TM Heater Condition Monitoring Device K7TM

Predictive maintenance by monitoring heater condition

K7GE-MG Insulation Resistance Monitoring Device K7GE-MG

Reliable, Safe and Accurate Automatic Insulation Resistance Measurements

K6PM-TH Thermal condition monitoring device K6PM-TH

Consistently and remotely monitor and analysis the temperature status of panel devices to achieve both labor-saving and significant risk mitigation of abnormal stop