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Industrial Automation


CP1 Modbus/TCP Adapter


Modbus/TCP Master for CP1L and CP1H Micro PLCs Modbus/TCP Slave for CJ2M-CPU3x, CP1L and CP1H PLCs

The CP1W-MODTCP61 allows Omron CP1L, CP1H and CJ2M-CPU3x PLCs to function as slave nodes on a Modbus/TCP network. The adapter can function as either a Modbus/TCP Master or as a Modbus/TCP Slave, but not both simultaneously. The Modbus/TCP Master mode is used to control/monitor IO blocks and other remote devices. The Modbus/TCP Slave mode responds to commands from a Modbus/TCP Master such as a PC or PLC.

Key Features and Benefits

Most Popular Network – Modbus/TCP/IP is the most popular remote I/O Ethernet network for PLC systems in the world

Simple setup – Web page configuration for IP Address & Master/Slave selection

Operates as a Modbus/TCP Master or Slave - As a Master, the adapter is used to control/monitor IO blocks and other remote devices. As a Modbus/TCP Slave it responds to commands from a Modbus/TCP Master (PC, PLC, other)

Perfect for Data Collection – The CP1W- MODTCP61 turns a CJ2M-CPU3x, CP1L/H PLC into a Modbus/TCP Slave that can easily share information with a Modbus/TCP Master for remote data collection or control

High Speed Counters & Expandable I/O – 4 x 100Khz counters built-in, up to 320 I/O (CP1H-X) & 180 I/O (CP1L-M60) PLCs

Programmable Slave for Motion, Temperature Control – Each PLC can be a powerful motion controller* (CP1H - 4 Axis, CP1L – 2 Axis) with high speed interrupts, Real Time Clock, PID, Floating Point Math and is expandable with digital I/O or analog for Temperature or Process Control. The addition of a Modbus/TCP adapter turns the PLC into a Low Cost Programmable Slave *Transistor models

Supports Multiple Connections - If the adapter is configured in Modbus/TCP slave mode, it can also support communications to CX-Programmer, NS HMI or other devices that use FINS (Omron’s open communication protocol)

Gateway for Modbus/TCP & FINS Ethernet – Allows CS/CJ PLCs with Ethernet or EtherNet/IP to communicate using FINS through a CP1 PLC as a Modbus/TCP Slave