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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Ultra-compact Pre-wired Photomicrosensor (Non-modulated)


Meeting Customer Needs with Ultracompact Sensors that Mount with M3 Screws

Mount Using M2 or M3 Screws

The EE-SX95 can be mounted using M2 or M3 screws, so it can easily replace an existing Sensor mounted with M2 screws.

EE-SX95 Features 1

Reliable Best-in-Class Sensing Slot Depth of 6.5 mm

(Based on April 2013 OMRON investigation.)
A deeper slot helps prevent the sensing object from coming into contact with the base of the slot, creating greater tolerance in mechanism design.

EE-SX95 Features 2

Indication of Sensing Window for Easy Confirmation of Insertion Depth

The location of the sensing window is indicated on the insertion slot so that you can visually confirm whether the sensing object covers the sensing window and easily check the insertion depth.

EE-SX95 Features 3

Bright Indicator for Confirmation from Many Directions

The bright light indicator can be checked from up to four directions to enable flexible selection of the installation location.

EE-SX95 Features 4