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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

CJ1W-NC[]81 / []82

CJ-series Position Control Units with EtherCAT interface

CJ1W-NC[]81 / []82

Preeminent control performance and easy operation feature of EtherCAT improve the production efficiency.

• Fast positioning operation: taking from 0.15 to 0.4 ms (min.) to start servo operation from PLC start command.

• Support for Servomotors with Absolute Encoders

• Monitor the Deviation between Axes during Linear Interpolation

• A Wide Range of Positioning Operations

• Comes with Memory Operation function.

• Common control interface with pulse-train type position control unit (CJ1W-NC[][]4).

• Fast communication of EtherCAT (250 μs min. communications cycle).

• In addition to servo control, inverters, vision sensors, and other I/O devices that support EtherCAT can be connected.

• Support for Servomotors Speed Control and Torque limit outputs.

• A wide variety of Electronic Cam Synchronization applications (CJ1W-NC[]82)