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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


SYSMAC CS-series MECHATROLINK-II-compatible Position Control Units


Decrease TCO with Simple Operation, Reduced Wiring, Batch Settings, and Batch Management

General Specifications

Item Specifications
Model CS1W-NC271/471/F71
Internal current consumption 360 mA max. at 5 V DC
Dimensions 130 × 35 × 101 mm (W × H × D)
Weight 188 g max.
Ambient operating temperature 0 to 55°C
Approved standards CE, cULus, and C-tick

Specifications not listed above conform to general CS Series specifications.

Functions and Specifications

Item Specifications
Unit classification CPU Bus Unit
Applicable PLCs CS Series
Possible unit number settings 0 to F
Common Operating
Memory Area
Words allocated in CPU Bus Unit Area: 25 words (15 output words, 10 input words)
Axis Operating Memory
Allocated in one of the following areas (user-specified):
CIO, Work, Auxiliary, Holding, DM, or EM Area.
Number of words allocated: 50 words (25 output words, 25 input words) × Highest axis No. used
Compatible devices OMRON G5-series Servo Drives (Built-in MECHATROLINK-II communications)
OMRON G-series Servo Drives (Built-in MECHATROLINK-II communications)
Control method Control commands executed using MECHATROLINK-II synchronous communications.
Maximum number of controlled axes CS1W-NC271: 2 axes, CS1W-NC471: 4 axes, CS1W-NCF71: 16 axes
Position command unit Command unit: Depends on the Electronic Gear Setting in the Servo Parameters.
Default setting: Pulses
Speed command unit for
position control
Command units/s
speeds for position control
10,000 command units/s2
Speed command unit for
speed control
0.001% of the motor's momentary maximum rotation speed
Torque command unit for
torque control
0.001% of the motor's momentary maximum torque
Position command range -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 (command units)
Speed command range for
position control
0 to 2,147,483,647 (command units/s)
speeds for position control
1 to 65,535 (10,000 command units/s2)
Speed command range for
speed control
-199.999% to 199.999%
The upper limit of the speed command range depends on the specifications of the Servo Drive.
Torque command range for
torque control
-199.999% to 199.999%
The upper limit of the torque command range depends on the specifications of the Servo Drive.
Servo lock/unlock Creates (Servo lock) or releases (Servo unlock) the position loop on the PCU.
Position control Positions to an absolute position or relative position according to the target position and target speed specified from the ladder program.
Origin determination Origin search: Establishes the origin using the specified search method.
Present position preset: Changes the present position to a specified position to establish the origin.
Origin return: Returns the axis from any position to the established origin.
Absolute encoder origin: Establishes the origin using a Servomotor that has an absolute encoder, without having to use an origin search.
Jogging Outputs pulses at a fixed speed in the forward rotation or reverse rotation direction.
Interrupt feeding Performs positioning by moving the axis a fixed amount when an external interrupt input is received while the axis is moving.
Speed control Performs speed control by sending a command to the Servo Drive speed loop.
Torque control Performs torque control by sending a command to the Servo Drive current loop.
Stop functions Deceleration stop: Decelerates the moving axis to a stop.
Emergency stop: Positions the moving axis for the number of pulses remaining in the deviation counter and then stops the axis.
Sets one of the following: a trapezoidal (linear) curve, an exponential curve, or an S-curve (moving average).
Torque limit Restricts the output torque during axis operation.
Override Multiplies the axis command speed by a specified ratio.
Override: 0.01% to 327.67%
Servo parameter transfer Reads and writes the Servo Drive parameters from the ladder program in the CPU Unit.
Monitoring function Monitors the control status of the Servo Drive, such as the command coordinate positions, feedback position, current speed, and torque.
Software limits Limits software operation within the positioning range during position control.
Backlash compensation Compensates for the amount of play in the mechanical system according to a set value.
Deviation counter reset The position deviation in the Servo Drive's deviation counter can be reset to 0 (unit version 1.3 or later).
Position Control Unit One MECHATROLINK-II interface port
Servo Drive I/O Forward/reverse rotation limit inputs, origin proximity inputs, external interrupt inputs 1 to 3 (can be used as external origin inputs)
Self-diagnostic functions Watchdog, flash memory check, memory corruption check
Error detection functions Overtravel, Servo Drive alarm detection, CPU error, MECHATROLINK communications error, Unit setting error

MECHATROLINK Specifications

Item Specifications
Communications protocol MECHATROLINK-II
Baud rate 10 Mbps
Maximum transmission distance 50 m *1
Minimum distance between stations 0.5 m
Transmission media Shielded, twisted-pair cables
Maximum No. of stations 30 slave stations max. *2
Topology Bus
Transfer cycle 250 μs to 8 ms
Communications method Master-slave, totally synchronous
Encoding Manchester encoding
Data length 17 bytes/32 bytes selectable *3

*1. This distance is the total length of the cable connected between devices. However, the maximum length depends on
       the number of devices connected and whether Repeaters are used.
*2. Up to 16 devices can be connected to the CS1W-NCF71, up to 2 devices can be connected to the CS1W-NC271, and
       up to 4 devices can be connected to the CS1W-NC471.
*3. The PCU data length is fixed at 32 bytes.