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DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1) / []D32SLH(-1)

Screw-less Clamp Terminals with Transistors

DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1) / []D32SLH(-1)

Reduced Wiring and Labor on Factory Sites with Screw-less Terminal Wiring

Screw-less structure eliminates tightening work.

Detachable terminal blocks for easier maintenance.

Single-step wiring by simply inserting pole terminals.

DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1) / []D32SLH(-1) Features 4 DRT2-[]D16SL(H)(-1)/[]D32SLH(-1)_Features

Applicable wire sizes range from AWG24 to AWG16 (0.2 to 1.25 mm2 dia.)