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CP1 Modbus/TCP Adapter


Modbus/TCP Master for CP1L and CP1H Micro PLCs Modbus/TCP Slave for CJ2M-CPU3x, CP1L and CP1H PLCs

Item Description
Part #: CP1W-MODTCP61 CJ2M-CPU3x, CP1L/H - Modbus/TCP Slave or CP1L/H Modbus/TCP Master (not both simultaneously)
Type, Max # of Modbus Slave nodes 100Base-TX (Can be used as 10Base-T), 254 Max Slave Nodes
Applicable PLCs CP1L-L14, CP1L-L20, CP1L-M30, CP1L-M40, CP1L-M60, CP1H
Max Distance, Communication Method 100 m (distance between hub and node), Modbus/TCP/IP protocol
Max number of units mounted in PLC 2 (1 Modbus/TCP Master, 1 Modbus/TCP Slave)(CP1L 30 I/O or more or CP1H)
Max connection/adapter - Slave mode 4 - (2 Modbus/TCP connections & 2 FINS)
Max connection/adapter - Master mode 1 connection (CP1L, CP1H PLCs only can be set to Master Mode)
Current IP Address (Slave mode) D1200, D1201 (D1200=1st & 2nd Octets in Hex, D1201=3rd & 4th Octets in Hex)
Default IP Address, Web Page Set-up Web Page Set-up: