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The most economical CP1E, the fully-featured CP1L, and the high-end CP1H. You can choose the best micro PLCs to suit your compact machine's needs. The one-package CP1 PLCs provide up to four pulse I/O for positioning control, built-in analog I/O, Ethernet and serial communications.

CP1 List

There are 4 products of CP1.

CP1E CP-series CP1E CPU Units CP1E

Cost-effective CP1E with Enhanced Expandability for Analog and Temperature Control

CP1L CP series CP1L CPU Unit CP1L

High Performing Programmable Controller with Embedded Ethernet

CP1H CP series CP1H CPU Unit CP1H

4 Axis Position Control and Comprehensive Programmable Controller

CP1W-MODTCP61 CP1 Modbus/TCP Adapter CP1W-MODTCP61

Modbus/TCP Master for CP1L and CP1H Micro PLCs Modbus/TCP Slave for CJ2M-CPU3x, CP1L and CP1H PLCs