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Application Solutions

Omron provides innovative solutions for various industries.

You may select the applications that you are looking for by industry, work and process or product category. And with the Application Selector, you can define your search further by simply selecting the requirements that fit your needs.

You can also look for application solutions by entering your keywords in the search box below.

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10 Pickup Applications

  Detect Levels of Corrosive Liquids
E2KQ-X10ME1 Chemical-resistant Inductive Proximity Sensor
  Detects Connector Pins
E32-L25L Convergent Reflective Fiber Unit
  Measure the Main Pressure of Air Presses
E8F2 Pressure Sensor
  Standstill Monitoring Reduces Extra Waiting Time During Work
G9SX-SM Standstill Monitoring Unit
  Production Control for LCDs and Color Filters
V680 Series RFID System
  Inspects the Height of Corrugations in Cardboard Boxes
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
  A Fan Ionizer Prevents Adhesion of Dust
ZJ-FA Ionizer (Advanced Fan Type)
  Intrusion Detection
OS32C Safety Laser Scanner
  Motion Control in Automatic Assembly Equipment
SmartStep2 AC Servomotors/Servo Drivers