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NX-Series NX701 Database Connection CPU Units


The Controller can be directly connected to a database. No special Unit, software, nor middleware is required.

Advanced direct access to database boosts manufacturing innovation

Values required for information utilization

NX701-1[]20 Features 2

*1. Available in NX701-1[]20 and NX102-[][]20.

New functionality makes direct access to database more powerful

[Reliable ∙ Easy] Data check before the next step to produce traceable products*1

Stored Procedure enables complex processing to be carried out on powerful servers. This function performs all data check processing at once after each step, providing reliable traceability while maintaining productivity.
No PC is required, which eliminates the need for software updates or virus protection maintenance.

Stored Procedure

What is Stored Procedure?

Stored Procedure is one of the database functions. A group of SQL statements is stored in a database, enabling complex processing to be executed with one call.
The Stored Procedure Call function to call a stored procedure in a database from the controller has been added to version 2.0.

NX701-1[]20 Features 7

Usage example: Data check before process

NX701-1[]20 Features 8

[Reliable] Secure connection between FA and IT *1

Authentication based on server certificates and encrypted communications ensure safe connection between a database server and the CPU unit.

NX701-1[]20 Features 9

[Rapid] 5 times faster data collection than the previous method *1 *2

Batch Insert can store various types of data for a long time, just like an event data recorder.
This allows you to identify the causes of line stoppages by analyzing data collected every scan.

NX701-1[]20 Features 10

[Easy] Automatic generation of tables from structures and vise versa *1

A database table can be automatically generated from a structure, and a structure can be automatically generated from a database table. Mapping time can be reduced.

NX701-1[]20 Features 11

*1. Available in NX701-1[]20 and NX102-[][]20.
*2. Compared with when multiple insertions are performed.
*3. A stored procedure is required to delete tables.