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NA Series

Programmable Terminal

NA Series

The Omron Sysmac HMI enables faster, more efficient control and monitoring - and a more natural, proactive relationship between operator and machine. Wide screen models: 7, 9, 12 and 15 inches


Global Edition

For ordering in Australia, please note some product models not sold in Australia may be included in the following catalog(s) for our global customers.

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Catalog Name Catalog Number
Last Update
NA Series Catalog V413-E1-11
Apr 20, 2020
NA Series Catalog
NA Series Feature of troubleshooter for NJ/NX V414-E1-01
Jan 06, 2016
NA Series Feature of troubleshooter for NJ/NX
HMC-SD291/SD491 Data Sheet -
Jun 04, 2020
HMC-SD291/SD491 Data Sheet