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The smartest modular I/O system

OMRON's SmartSlice I/O system is compact, intelligent and easy. When used with OMRON's CS1/CJ1 DeviceNet or CompoNet master units, no configuration tool is required. By using built-in functions such as pre-scaling, totalising, differentiation and alarming in analog I/O units, PLC programming can be minimised. Preventive maintenance data collected by all I/O units can be accessed using CX-Integrator or NS-series Smart Active Parts.

Most compact in the market (84 mm high)

Easy set-up, backup and restore functions

Diagnostics and preventive maintenance data at I/O level

Detachable terminal blocks allow hot-swapping without re-wiring

3-wire I/O connection with 'push-in' technology, no screwdriver required

System Configuration

3-wire I/O connection with 'push-in' technology, no screwdriver required

GRT1-ECT Features 7

Trajexia motion controller

Stand-alone advanced motion controller over EtherCAT

Perfect motion control of up to 64 axes. Scalability with EtherCAT masters for 4, 16 and 64 axes.

Supports position, speed and torque control

Multi-tasking controller capable of running up to 22 tasks simultaneously

Advanced motion control such as linear, circular, helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes via simple motion commands.

Control of servos, inverters, vision systems and distributed I/Os over a single EtherCAT network

Support for EtherNet/IP communications

Advanced debugging tools including data trace and oscilloscope functions

Open communication: Serial and EtherNet/IP builtin, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet and CANopen