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EtherNet/IP Communication Module for CP1L/CP1H PLCs


Versatile, Low-Cost EtherNet/IP Adapter for CP1L/CP1H PLCs

CP1W-EIP61 CP1 EtherNet/IP Adapter
Type 10/100Base-TX
Applicable PLCs CP1L-L14/L20/M30/M40/M60, CP1H-X/XA/Y
Transmission Distance 100m (distance between any node to switch)
Maximum number of units mounted to PLC One
Communication Method EtherNet/IP, FINS UDP
Max connections per device Connects to one originator Data Link, 4 UDP FINS
Data Link Setup 20, 40, 100, or 200 words, or CIO 40 words
Current IP Address D1200, D1201 (D1200-1st & 2nd Octets in hex,
D1201=3rd & 4th Octets in hex)
Default IP Address
Web Page IP Address Set-up (default)
Requested Packet Interval (RPI) 10ms minimum recommended, note that 10 words
internally refresh in 25ms and 100 words internally
refresh in 45ms.