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Digital Controller


E5AR Digital Controllers offer high speed,high precision, and multiple I/O and use a 5-digit, 3-row LCD display for high visual clarity.


E5AR Dimensions 1

• Recommended panel thickness is 1 to 8 mm.
• Group mounting is not possible. (Maintain the specified mounting space between Controllers.)
• When two or more Controllers are mounted, make sure that the surrounding temperature does not exceed the allowable
  operating temperature specified in the specifications.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Terminal Cover

E53-COV14 (for E5AR)

E5AR Dimensions 4

Unit Label Sheet


E5AR Dimensions 6

Rubber Packing

Y92S-P4 (for DIN96 × 96)

E5AR Dimensions 8

Order the Rubber Packing separately if it becomes lost or damaged. (Refer to Data Sheet.)
The Rubber Packing can be used to achieve an IP66 degree of protection.
(Deterioration, shrinking, or hardening of the rubber packing may occur depending on the operating environment. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended to ensure the level of waterproofing specified in NEMA4. The time for periodic replacement depends on the operating environment. Be sure to confirm this point at your site. Consider one year a rough standard. OMRON shall not be liable for the level of water resistance if the customer does not perform periodic replacement.)
The Rubber Packing does not need to be attached if a waterproof structure is not required.

Mounting Adapters

Y92H-9 (2pcs)

E5AR Dimensions 10

One set is packaged with the product.
Order Mounting Adapters separately if yours are lost or damaged.