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Safety Sensor: Difference between F3SN / F3SH and F3W Area Sensor

FAQ No. FAQ02330

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What is the difference between F3SN/F3SH Series Safety Light Curtains and F3W Series Line Sensor?


F3SN/F3SH series conform to safety system construction for any category but other F3W-series, F3WN-series Area Sensor for Workpiece Detection, and F3ZN-series Area Scanner for workpiece detection cannot be used in constructing safety systems.

In practical terms, the safety of systems is ensured with F3SN/F3SH series mainly because these products have the following four functions.

F3W-series and F3WN-series, on the other hand, do not have the design features listed under 1 to 4 below, so they cannot be used in safety applications.

Main Functions of F3SN/F3SH series

1.The Sensor itself regularly performs diagnostic checks.

Self tests for F3SN/F3SH Series

Self diagnosis functions for F3SL Series and F3SS-AT60P

2.The Sensor itself detects external malfunction factors (e.g., noise and external light interference) in addition to malfunctions.

3.The Sensor has a failsafe design to always ensure a safe status (control outputs OFF) even if the Sensor is malfunctioning.

4.The control outputs always use light-ON operation.

(Note:On the other hand, the potentially dangerous option of dark-ON can be selected for F3W-series, F3WN-series, and F3ZN-series.)