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Pt100 and JPt100 Resistance Thermometer

FAQ No. FAQ00606

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What's the difference between a Pt100 and JPt100 resistance thermometer?


In January 1, 1989, the JIS standard for platinum resistance thermometers (Pt100) was revised to incorporate the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard. The new JIS standard was established on April 1, 1989. Platinum resistance thermometers prior to the JIS standard revision are distinguished as JPt100. Therefore, make sure that the correct platinum resistance thermometer is being used.

The following table shows the differences in appearance of the Pt100 and JPt100.

Note: OMRON discontinued production of JPt100 Sensors in March of 2003.

Reference Information

Indicated Temperature when Connecting Pt100 Sensor to JPt100 Input

Indicated Temperature when Connecting JPt100 Sensor to Pt100 Input