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Manual Reset for E5_N Temperature Controllers

FAQ No. FAQ00541

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When can the manual reset be used for E5[]N/E5[]K Temperature Controllers?


The manual reset can be used for P or PD control. There is an offset for the set point when using P or PD control because there is no integral control action.
There is no offset if auto-tuning (AT) or self-tuning (ST) is used. The manual reset can be used to set the close to zero.
If the control output is high when the PV equals the SV, lower the control output for the manual reset.

Set the parameter in Level 1 Mode for the E5[]K, and in Adjustment Level for the E5[]N.

Applicable models: E5AK, E5EK, E5CK, E5AN, E5EN, E5CN, and E5GN