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Discontinued On Mar. 2017


Color Sensing Digital Fiber Amplifier Unit


Easy and Reliable. The Fiber Amplifier Unit That Sees in Color

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Easy and Reliable ... Featuring a Color-sensing Engine

The color-sensing engine uses three parameters, RGB, to process incident light. It detects color information from the workpiece for precise detection of color differences.

E3X-DAC-S Features 1

A high-power white LED and a multi-RGB processing system combine to cover all RGB wavelengths, enabling easy and accurate detection of workpieces without having to use a different light source to match each one.

E3X-DAC-S Features 2

Changes in the three parameters are processed as a ratio, so they are not affected by light-intensity variations due to workpiece movement.

E3X-DAC-S Features 3

(Thinnest in the Industry) A Slim, 10-mm-wide Amplifier Unit

E3X-DAC-S Features 4

Use of a white LED and a one-package RGB light-receiving element has made it possible to unify the Amplifier Unit, both in size and operation, with conventional models.
If detection should become unstable, the Amplifier Unit can be separately replaced to immediately regain stability.

Easy and Reliable ... Ease of Use and Smart Functions

In addition to ensuring easy use, we have added a number of smart functions, such as remote control to simplify setup, and twin sensing and output to simultaneously distinguish two registered colors. (advanced models)

E3X-DAC-S Features 5

Easy and Reliable ... Simplified Wiring Connector Reduces Work Steps

OMRON's unique simplified wiring connectors provide the power for each added Sensor. Up to 16 Units can be mounted, including a combination of Digital Fiber Sensors and other simplified wiring connector products such as Digital Laser Sensors.

E3X-DAC-S Features 6