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I/O Relay Terminals

I/O Relay Terminals simplify connecting PLCs and other Controllers and help reduce wiring in control panels. Achieve wiring with one Connecting Cable. Terminals are available for both inputs and outputs.

I/O Relay Terminals List

There are 8 products of I/O Relay Terminals.

G7TC I/O Relay Terminal G7TC

Single Cable Connection to PLC Means Space is Saved and Less Control Panel Wiring is Required.

G70A-ZOC16 I/O Block Base G70A-ZOC16

Reduces Wiring while Providing I/O Flexibility

G70D-SOC08 Relay Output Terminal Block G70D-SOC08

Space-saving and Labor-saving 8-point Output Block

G70D-VSOC16 / VFOM16 Relay output terminal blocks G70D-VSOC16 / VFOM16

Easy-to-use, Space-saving 16-point Output Block

G70R-SOC08 Relay output terminal block G70R-SOC08

Space-saving and Labor-saving 8-point Output Block

G70D-SOC16 / FOM16 Relay output terminal blocks G70D-SOC16 / FOM16

Compact, Low-profile 16-point Output Block

G79 I/O Block Connecting Cables G79

Provide cables with loose wire crimped terminal blocks, loose wire cables, cables with connecters and PLC connecter cables for Mitsubishi Electric products.

G70V I/O Relay Terminal G70V

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. I/O Relay Terminals with 16 Points and Push-In Plus terminal blocks to Downsize Control Panels and Save Labor.