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PCB Inspection System

This Inspection System is suitable for various SMT production needs.

PCB Inspection System List

There are 7 products of PCB Inspection System.

VT-S730-H PCB Inspection System VT-S730-H

The new series for VT-S730, Full-3D Inspection Systems

VT-S730 PCB Inspection System VT-S730

Omron's 3D-SJI (Solder Joint Inspection) For Efficient Manufacturing of High-quality Products

VT-S500-02 Inline PCB inspection system VT-S500-02

Best Quality at the Minimum Q Cost!

VT-S720 Maximum quality at maximum efficiency VT-S720

Best Quality at the Minimum Q Cost!

VT-RNSII Inline PCB Inspection System VT-RNSII

For Even More Efficient SMT Production Introducing the 2nd Generation RNS Series

VT-RNSII ptH Desktop Portable PCB Inspection System VT-RNSII ptH

The Renowned Expertise of Omron Packed into a Desktop Unit

VT-X700-E / -L High-speed automated X-ray CT inspection system VT-X700-E / -L

The 3D-CT method enables the inspection of indistinct shapes which 2D or pseudo CT cannot detect. Making the impossible in design a reality!