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Economical Micro PLC for Small Scale System/Machine

CP1E Economical Micro PLC for Small Scale System/Machine
JANUARY 3, 2010 (ASIA PACIFIC) - Omron introduces the new CP1E series Micro PLC designed to meet the needs of manufacturers requiring high performance and advanced functionality at an economical price.
The all-in-one package PLC provides exceptional solution for automating small machines with approximately 20 to 160 I/O points. All CPUs can be connected to a computer via commercially available USB cable and support software with "Smart input" intuitive operation for faster programming.
Two types of CPU Units are available: E-type Basic CPU Unit is economical with basic functionality whereas the N-type Application CPU Unit supports Programmable Terminal connection, position control asnd inverter connection. The CP1E Series shares the same architecture as other Omron's CP1 series but with a smaller yet powerful instruction set. This allows easy upward migration across all platforms.
The CP1E-N/-NA type CPU Units are equipped with high-speed counters, pulse outputs, and a built-in serial port. An option board for an additional serial communication port is available. These features enable controlling a wide range of devices.
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CP1E Economical Micro PLC for Small Scale System/Machine